Defense factory

Defence Factory

The defence factory is where you go to build outposts and defendling huts. Upgrading it will let you build more defendling huts (maximum of 4) and outposts (maximum of 2). 

Upgrades Edit

Level Health Cost Time Def. Huts Outposts
1 1 1
2 1 2
3 10000 3h 2 2
4 25000 8h 2 2
5 450 3 2
6 500 100000 72h 3 2
7 550 250000 96h 4 2
8 600 500000 144h 4 2

Defendling HutsEdit

The defendling huts house defendlings, which are like buildlings, only they build around your outpost(s). In other words, they build all your outposts' structures. They are the most expensive hut (other than buildlings, which cost amber) to build and maintain, and upgrading them costs a tremendous amount of lumber, the same amount to upgrade your defence factory to the same level. The only benefit (other than being able to progress in the game and being able to upgrade your Outpost and HQ) is that with each level, Defendlings will build slightly faster. See the Defendling page for more.

Upgrades Edit