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The Totem of Technology.

Totems are the large purple rock structures found in the four corners of the map, as follows:

  • Protection (Health)
  • Power (Weapons)
  • Totem

    The totem of pretection near the spawn, note the heart shaped stone and purple glow

    Agility (Speed)
  • Technology (Gathering)

You can spend a point on a totem upgrade when you level up, or spend 75 amber.

Totem UpgradesEdit

Each totem has two unique upgrades, and the first one on each can only be upgraded after level five. The second one can be upgraded immediately.

  • Totem of Protection
    • Spirit of Fortitude: Increases damage resistance (LVL 5)
    •  Spirit of Heart: Increases health
  • Totem of Power
    • Spirit of Haste: Increases reload speed (LVL 5)
      Totem of power

      Totem of Power

      Totem of agility

      Totem of Agility

    • Spirit of Fire: Increases damage of weapon
  • Totem of Agility
    • Spirit of Labour: Increases carrying speed (LVL 5)
    • Spirit of Speed: Increases moving speed
  • Totem of Technology
    • Spirit of Might: Increases resource chop rate (LVL 5)
    • Spirit of Strength: Increases carrying capacity (normally goes up by 2's)