Upgrading your buildings will increase their effectiveness and unlock new buildings. Upgrades will cost Lumber, Stone, or Amber, should you not have enough resources to build it. Some upgrades require certain buildings to be built before they can be upgraded. Upgrading buildings also increase their health.

BEWARE: the option to cancel an upgrade only gives back HALF of what you spent!!!

Upgrading HutsEdit

Upgrading Lumberling or Stoneling huts will increase the amount of materials that they bring back to your village. Upgrading Defendling huts will increase their building speed. Buildling huts cannot be upgraded. Once reaching a level 5, your village will be attacked by a large group of sav

Upgrading your Stonemill or Lumbermill will increase the amount of Lumberling/Stoneling huts you can build, as well as the amount of Lumber/Stone storages you can build. Also the maximum level of its related huts and storages are rised to its corresponding level.

Upgrading LibraryEdit

Upgrading library can let you invest a higher level defences. Outpost towers needed a LV2 library to invest. But this useful building cannot invest stone defences, in reason of you can upgrade it without library and stone defences are premanent.

Upgrading StoragesEdit

Upgrading your Lumber and Stone storages will increase their maximum capacity of materials that they can hold. 

Upgrading Defence FactoryEdit

Upgrading defence factory allows you to upgrade outpost and defendling huts maximum to its corresponding level. 2nd outpost opinion is given when this is LV3.

Upgrading OutpostsEdit

Upgrading your Outposts will increase the amount of defenses you are allowed to build, as well as the radius you can build them in. Size increased since lv4. Does not increase heal rate.

Upgrading DefencesEdit

Outpost defences are upgraded by library (Only available to the new built defences after the investment has been finished), HQ defences (known as stone defences) are upgraded by players, but stone tower upgrade need a spare buildling to upgrade it, unlike stone wall.

Upgrading HQEdit

Upgrading the HQ can increase basic buildings(inclued lumber mill, stone mill, workshop and defence factory) ’s maxium level according to the corresponding level of the HQ.